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Threads Orchestra– stitching a musical spell from wing of bat and eye of newt... well, not quite, but a bit of alchemy plays its part in this intriguing mix, gaining Threads’ reputation as one of the most interesting bands to emerge in the UK in recent years. Boil the cauldron and splatter in the jazz, classical, rock, world, Americana, and tango styles, summon the versatility to play anything from self-penned intriguing compositions to innovative arrangements of Zappa, Zorn, Piazzolla and Messiaen; stir and cast the spell without taking it too seriously. This is an utterly unique experience for a 21st century audience - tuneful , melodic chemistry transforming cinematic landscape into snarling groove in the blink of an eye. Their debut self-titled release is a rare example of how to blend well structured composition with the creative sorcery of improvisation, honed by many performances. Refusing to accept the usual notions of a jazz rhythm section with strings stitched in, Threads have forged a new phantasm, a spirit of bottled music genie. Or maybe just a phenomenally tight band of great players with a bad attitude to tradition!

“Intriguing and imaginative new string led ensemble featuring two members of precocious prog jazzers ‘Troyka’ guitarist Chris Montague and Mercury Prize nominee pianist Kit Downes” – Mike Flynn Jazzwise Oct. 2010

“Threads Orchestra finds a way to be experimental, theatrical, and cohesive. Fans of chamber jazz, Bill Frisell’s Americana, Guillermo Klein’s modern Latin jazz, and any number of Indie rock/pop subdivisions should find something here to like. An outstanding album” -

Threads Orchestra are:

       Viola/Producer - Adam Robinson

Violin - Julian Gregory

Cello - Semay Wu

                    Guitar - Chris Montague

                                    Soprano Sax - Dai Pritchard

                           Piano - Kit Downes

                               Bass - Rus Pearson

                                                  Drums - Joost Hendrickx

                                                          Vibraphone - Ralph Wyld


Threads enjoy an ongoing relationship at York University working with young composers. They also have a keen interest in education and have led successful workshops at Hull University Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Hymers College, Stockport Youth Orchestra and composition workshops at Bradford University. Please visit our learning page for more information.

Threads have commissioned new works from Phil Alexander (Moishe’s Bagel), Trish Clowes (Tangent), and Jonathan Brigg (PhD at York University). You can listen to Li Cheong’s peice ‘Schonbop’ here


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Past Projects:

RANCH – the new album from Bradford- born composer Jonathan Brigg.

Mystery surrounds this musical extravaganza as the strange disappearance of Brigg three years ago finally becomes clear. It can be revealed that the tormented dreaming of dark, brooding soundscapes and improvisations became too much for Brigg who escaped to the deep south to find solace rearing cattle. As he sat on his porch chewing tobacco one hot, hazy afternoon, he became aware of a dust cloud forming in the distance. As it drew nearer, he realised that this was a travelling carriage of musicians... he knew this was the perfect opportunity to free him of his unhinged imaginations. Thirsty and desperate for food from a long tour of the barren valley,

the Threads Orchestra pulled up to the ranch. The gun-wielding Brigg, it is rumoured, fed and doused the band with whisky in return for an impromptu midnight recording of the scores he had been working on in those eternal, solitary days on the ranch...... This is the culmination of years of ‘cross-pollination’ from influences such as Delius, Charles Ives and John Taylor and a close relationship with the cutting-edge phenomenon that is... the Threads Orchestra. With kind support from the PRS for Music Foundation.

“On the impressive debut ‘Threads’ have engaging, spatially-sensitive song-like themes that fit well in the strings ensemble context and improvisations that sound thoughtfully understated” Jazzwise July 12 ****