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“There’s a fiction writing style called head-hopping.  It’s when a single story is told from the point of view of many different characters.  The story intro begins with Character A, then the point of view shifts (or hops) over to Character B who tells the story as they see it, then Character C gets a turn, maybe a return to B, and so on.  It’s a tricky style to wield, and it’s why it’s done infrequently and, often, badly. It’s also not a style unique to fiction writers.  Musicians do it, too.  But whereas the writer expresses points of view through words, musicians do it through sounds.  Similar to the risk posed the story, an album can end up lacking cohesion and identity.  It’s really not advisable.  But, damn, when it works, the result is a thrilling ride of notes and themes.  Personally, I run into very few albums that successfully pull it off, but when I do, they sit near the top of the favorite albums on my shelf.

That brings us to Threads Orchestra, and their album Threads.This album is not a fusion of jazz, classical, folk, Americana, tango, and rock.  This is a story told from the point of view of each of those characters.”

Dave Sumner - Download of the day editor

“Threads Orchestra finds a way to be experimental, theatrical, and cohesive. Fans of chamber jazz, Bill Frisell’s Americana, Guillermo Klein’s modern Latin jazz, and any number of Indie rock/pop subdivisions should find something here to like. An outstanding album” - Dave Sumner

“Threads Orchestra gave a marvellous performance for the final day of the 2011 Colourscape Music Festival on Clapham Common.  This was the first time that Threads Orchestra have appeared in Colourscape and it was such a success that we will definitely plan to repeat the event in one of our other Colourscape projects around the UK.

The music flowed freely and effortlessly from genre to genre with improvisation and music composed by the group intermingling with Zappa and Messiaen.  Most of the public didn't realise that they were listening to "cutting-edge" music due to the commitment of the group and the inspiring surroundings of Colourscape - Simon Desorgher - Director

The 2011 Threads Orchestra show was excellent for the Grassington Festival Fringe in that it brought a new perspective to music through the fusion of classical, tango, and jazz styles that set the minds of the audience thinking outside of "the norm" was our gain to enjoy such a musical adventure.  Fabulous musicianship all around too! - Andy Thornton - Promoter

“Intriguing and imaginative new string led ensemble featuring two members of precocious prog jazzers ‘Troyka’ guitarist Chris Montague and Mercury Prize nominee pianist Kit Downes, here in a 7 piece that stretches the Cinematic Orchestra template” – Mike Flynn Jazzwise Oct. 2010

“A professional ensemble of the highest order” - Michael Drapkin, promoter at the South by South West music festival, Texas.

“Very  accomplished musicianship all around. Thanks for including Trey and SC3 in such a stellar lineup.” - Trey Spruance and Web of Mimicry records.

'Writing for Threads changed the way I think about music...Each member of the Orchestra offers something unique. When they combine their impressive talents in the fields of Jazz, Folk, Classical and avant-garde music, the sound is brand-new, and the energy is breathtaking...' Jonathan Brigg, PhD composition student, York University

‘Guitarist Chris Montague is fast emerging as one of the most imaginatively skilled young axesmith’s on the London scene, standing out from the increasing talented six-stringers with his own angular yet melodic style, and some serious virtuosity.’ Jazzwise Magazine – July 2008


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